Alcohol and Drugs Leading Cause

Of Death On French Motorways


365227674 617650903824611 4193406432524321558 nThe National Gendarmerie assisted with data and analysis for the report. PHOTO: GENDARMERIE.FR17 AUG - Alcohol and drugs are the leading cause of fatal crashes on French motorways, shows a recent report by the Association of French Motorway Companies (ASFA).

The number of people killed on motorways jumped in 2022, the report also indicates.

Dutch Anti-distraction MONOcam

Gaining Attention Abroad


Controle 4                         The delegation from Luxembourg observing MONOcam working in the field. PHOTOS: POLITIE.NL

14 AUG - The innovative anti-distraction MONOcam device, developed by Dutch Police, is gaining international attention within ROADPOL's network.

The Police in the Netherlands have been using the MONOcam for two years now. With this camera the police can check whether a driver of a vehicle is holding a mobile phone, even if device is held lower behind the steering wheel.

Slovenian Road Police Helping

After Devastating Floods


365457584 688020653360906 5011108238569982227 n                                                                 Road Police has been indispensable in relief efforts. PHOTOS: POLICIJA.SI13 AUG - Slovenian Road Police officers have been busy helping the country recover from the latest devastating floods.

Officers were deeply involved in recovery works, which strengthened their relationship with local communities in the most affected areas of Carinthia and Mozir.

Bulgaria Introduces

Vehicle Confiscation

For Drink/Drug Driving


www.bta.bg111namal  Police will seize the vehicles and keep them until court confication ruling. PHOTO: BTA10 AUG - Drink and drugged driving punishments were severely increased in Bulgaria with the country also introducing vehicle confiscation for these offences.

A minimum of 5 years in prison will be the penalty for a driver who causes death on the road while drugged or drunk or does not have a driving license or flees the scene of the crash or if the act is committed on a pedestrian crossing, recent amendments to the Penal code stipulate.

ROADPOL General Secretary Sanja Veic:

Enforcing Tachographs Calls For Educated Police


23 05 10 11 27 56 4555new new newSanja Veic. PHOTO: ROADPOL24 JUL - In an interview for the Serbian PlutonLogistics portal, ROADPOL General Secretary Sanja Veić talks about how the European Roads Policing Network functions, the cooperation between its members, specifics when it comes to the control of cargo vehicles, and why “tachograph experts” are important.