Finland Recording Continuous

Drop in Road Fatalities



UntitledIt is a consecutive year with fatalities below 200. PHOTO: POLIISI.FI16 JAN - Traffic safety has demonstrated positive progress in Finland in 2023, with road traffic fatalities dropping below 200 for a second consecutive year, preliminary statistics published by Finnish Police show.

EU Moves A Step Towards Digital Driving

Licence, End Of Offender Impunity


SCP 3712 Edit Edit Edit                  EU will be the first region in the world with a digital driving licence that works across borders. PHOTO: POLICE.LU17 DEC - The European Union moved a step forward to ensure safer road traffic across Europe in the future years.

This came as European Council adopted its common positions on two Commission proposals forming part of the so-called ‘road safety’ legislative packages regarding the driving licences and the cross-border exchange of information on road-safety-related traffic offences.

Motorway Speed Limit

Looming Closer In Germany


Clipboard01PHOTO: POLIZEI.THUERINGEN.DE15 DEC - Speed limit may be finally coming to German motorways from an unexpected direction.

For ages road safety stakeholders have fought for a national uniform motorway speed limit implementation to no avail.

New 666-hp SUV To

Speed Up Police In Italy


la lamborghini urus performante della polizia di statoThe Urus revealed in Rome with the Huracan seen to the left and right. PHOTOS: POLIZIA.IT15 DEC - The twenty-year collaboration between the State Police in Italy and the Lamborghini car manufacturer was resumed with the presentation of a new super SUV police vehicle.

The Urus Performante model of the Bolognese company is set up for the transport of organs and special road police services.

ROADPOL Recording 18% Rise

In Truck Violations


S logoPHOTO: POLICIJA.SI14 DEC - 18% rise in truck violation rate was registered by ROADPOL associated road police forces during a recent pan-European enforcement action.

The campaign was held in November under the ROADPOL Truck&Bus operational logo and was the third of 2023, focused on control of commercial goods and passenger transport.