In Major ROADPOL Management Shake-up


Vladinov Takes Charge As Veic Steps Down


Damyan VladinovVladinov delivering his acceptance speech in Malta. PHOTOS: ROADPOL10 MAY - Long-time Executive Committee member Damyan Vladinov has been elected ROADPOL General Secretary.

The move was made at the latest meeting of the Council of the European Road Policing Network held in Malta on 25th April. Bulgarian Vladinov's ascension followed the resignation of his predecessor, Croatian Sanja Veic, who received the acclaim of ROADPOL members after years of devoted service at various positions within the Network.


Vladinov, an honored officer with vast experience in the ranks of Bulgarian Police, ran unopposed and saw his bid unanimously supported by the Council members. Hailed by the hall, Vladinov vowed to continue ROADPOL's active fight for more road safety in Europe and to continue raising its reputation as a unique and indispensable actor on the continent's road safety stage. “I will fight for ROADPOL to remain a leading force in promoting road safety not only in Europe, but globally, and I believe in our ultimate goal: achieving road traffic free from fatalities and injuries. This ambitious objective can only be realized through our collaborative endeavors”, said Vladinov after thanking the Council for the trust and responsibility granted onto him.


“Another chapter of the ROADPOL has begun, and the best thing is that you get to write the story. I can't say it will be easy at the beginning, but you can count on me and I'll be there to help you. I wish you much strength and success!”, declared ROADPOL President Elvira Zsinkai upon Vladinov’s inauguration. Meanwhile on behalf of the whole network she expressed her deepest gratitude for Veic’s unwavering dedication and exceptional leadership during her tenure as General Secretary. “Your years of passionate hard work with ROADPOL have left a mark and it was a privilege to all of us to have worked alongside you. And while we are now bidding farewell to an esteemed colleague, we are not parting ways with the real friend you have become”, said Zsinkai in an emotional statement wishing Veic success, happiness, and fulfillment in her future endeavors.

IMG 1288Vladinov handing Veic the ROADPOL sign of honor for her exceptional service to the organization.Departure

"Being part of this unique organization for over 10 years has been one of the most valuable experiences for me. I want to express my gratitude to all ROADPOL members, police officers, EU experts, civilian organizations, scientific institutions, private companies, and many others who are partners of ROADPOL and who tirelessly strive to make our roads safer and save lives as part of their daily endeavors", Veic said in her farewell statement. "I was honored to serve as ROADPOL General Secretary and proud to work with such dedicated colleagues in achieving a higher level of road safety through various activities, preventive campaigns, seminars, and the exchange of best practices and knowledge", she added.


"The main priority of my work will be to expand the organization's influence in several aspects - attracting new members, participation in processes at the international community level, including intensifying work with EU structures, strengthening strategic partnerships with law enforcement organizations and other stakeholders. And last not least, deepening cooperation with the member states of the organization. Internally my focus will be on building an efficient team and strengthening the organization's financial status", Vladinov said about the priorities of his tenure.


Damyan Vladinov has been a member of TISPOL/ROADPOL Council since 2008 and member of the Technology Working Group since 2012. He has actively participated in a large number of road policing trainings, seminars, and joint cross-border enforcement operations. Since 2021 he has been a ROADPOL Executive Committee member. With a degree in Engineering from the Sofia Technical University and a postgraduate program in “International Economic Cooperation” from the Sofia University of National and World Economy, Vladinov joined the ranks of Bulgarian Police in 1998. In 2004 he was appointed Head of Unit in the Traffic Police Department at the National Police General Directorate, responsible for various areas of activities of the Traffic Police: Information Systems, Specialized Exchange of Information and Cooperation with EU Structures. Since 2015 he has held his current position as Head of Section “Driving Licenses Exchange of Information”. Vladinov is designated as National Contact Point as regards Directive 2006/126/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on driving licenses with responsibility for direct communication with the National Authorities of EU Member States issuing driving licenses. He has been awarded many times for achieving high professional results. Vladinov has worked in different Road Safety expert groups formats under the Directorate- General ”Mobility and Transport” of the European Commission. He is also the Bulgarian representative in the EC's High-Level Group on Road Safety.


IMG 8965Veic (third L) with the new Executive Council (from left) - Yoannis Mavrohannas, Head of Operational Working Group Jana Peleskova, President Elvira Zsinkai, Damyan Vladinov, Vice President Federica Deledda, Nicholas Vella and Andre Schaack.According to ROADPOL’s Constitution Vladinov’s transition left an Executive Committee seat vacant hence triggering another election. There was only one nomination for the position, from long-time ROADPOL Council Member Chief Superintendent Ioannis Mavrohannas, currently chief of Cyprus Road Police. Running uncontested Mavrohannas was briefly elected to the post, which he is to occupy temporarily as it is pending on election at ROADPOL’s 2024 Autumn Meeting in Rome, Italy. Mavrohannas has served in different Managerial Positions, starting from Team Leader of a small CID team in Feb 1995, in CID HQs, and then as Deputy Director, Director, or Project Manager or Team Leader. Currently he is the Director of Traffic Department, previously having been the Divisional Commander of Nicosia and Morfou District and later Director of EU & International Police Cooperation Directorate (Interpol, Europol, Schengen, EU Working Groups, International Legal Issues, Human Rights etc). He is a certified EU CRT Expert in the field of Organized Crime and Crime Investigation.