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Tool For Red Light Violations


b2547a98 65de 447b a505 576950d36a40 VIT LP RL EF Segment2 Wallpaper Videoposter AFlexibleSolution MP4 Fallback 1920x1080 webA visualized case of the system detecting a violation. PHOTO: VITRONIC21 JUN - ROADPOL Partner Vitronic Polska is coming up with a revolutionary technology designed to enhance road safety especially at intersections.

Named POLISCAN Redlight, the tool offers a solution to detect a wide range of intersection violations effectively.


„With Vision Zero as part of our mission, we are dedicated to ensuring that everyone uses the roads safely. Intersections represent one of the most intricate and hazardous elements of road infrastructure, where different types of crashes often occur, leading to severe injuries or fatalities. This is why intersections are a natural focus point for our work”, says Vitronic Polska CEO Michal Zuchora.


POLISCAN Redlight utilizes advanced LIDAR laser-based technology to detect and track vehicles. Unlike radar-based technologies, POLISCAN can simultaneously monitor virtually all vehicles within its range, pinpointing their exact position and movement in real-time. This tracking capability is crucial at intersections.

Michal Zuchora

POLISCAN Redlight supports both photographic and video documentation, offering a robust evidence base for enforcement actions. Authorities can choose to document violations from the rear of the offending vehicle, capturing images that include the traffic light phase, or from the front with optional images of the driver. The system also supports combinations of photo and video, providing comprehensive front and rear documentation to ensure a thorough record of violations.


The POLISCAN Redlight is not limited to just tracking vehicle movement. It also allows for the simultaneous measurement of speed, providing a dual-layered approach to traffic enforcement. This feature is vital for monitoring speeding — a common factor in many intersection-related crashes.

Beyond speed and movement tracking, POLISCAN Redlight incorporates sophisticated image analysis, enabling advanced control The system monitors pedestrians as well as vehicles.scenarios. This includes detecting pedestrians or registering vehicles that block traffic at intersections. The image analysis functionality broadens the scope of enforcement, making it possible to address various violations.


„One of the standout features of POLISCAN Redlight is its versatility. Whether deployed at small intersections or large, multi-lane crossings, the system excels in enhancing road safety. Its ability to adapt to various intersection sizes and complexities makes it a valuable asset for police authorities. With this in mind POLISCAN Redlight clearly stands out as an efficient solution in our common quest to improve road safety“, Mr. Zuchora concludes.