Traffic Lights Reform To

Tackle Crashes in Bulgaria


yellowlight19 APR - Bulgaria is combating road crashes through a traffic light reform.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Transport, along with Regional Development and Public Works, have drafted a new ordinance to bolster road safety through traffic light enhancements.


This proposal, now open for public discussion, introduces various amendments aimed at improving driver awareness and streamlining traffic flow. One significant change involves the addition of flashing yellow lights at intersections, intended to alert drivers making left or right turns to yield to other road users such as trams, bicycles, or pedestrians. Moreover, a new algorithm is proposed to determine the need for separate signals for left-turning vehicles, based on traffic accident data and flow ratios.


The ordinance also addresses standardizing traffic light sizes for cyclist regulation, potential color-coding of poles and consoles for better visibility, and centralized control software for managing traffic light controllers. Furthermore, it seeks to streamline pedestrian and cyclist regulations and enhance accessibility for visually impaired individuals through tactile signs, braille, and distinctive sound signals.