Seat Belt Violations Holding Steady


Clipboard01PHOTO: POLICIE.CZ17 APR - Seat belt offences maintain steady numbers despite enforcement efforts. This was proved by ROADPOL's latest pan-European operation.

Conducted over a week in March, the concentrated enforcement effort involved a massive number of 31 European road police forces conducting active roadside checks aimed at seat belt and child restraint compliance and helmet usage.


Results from the operation reveal that out of the 1 256 932  vehicles inspected, police officers detected a staggering 94 771  violations. The violation rate was 13,43% similar to the one of the same operation carried out by ROADPOL a year ago. It's worth noting that this year's participation included ten more countries compared to the previous year. Due to variations in how violations are registered across countries (e.g., adults vs. children, front vs. rear seats), ROADPOL records only the total number of violations this year.

Jana Peleskova Importance

Chief Commissionner Jana Peleskova, Head of the ROADPOL Operational Working Group and a member of the Police of Czech Republic emphasizes the critical importance of seat belt enforcement for of road safety. "These numbers underscore the vital role of seat belt compliance as too many drivers and passengers aparently continue to neglect this basic safety measure," remarks Peleskova. Explaining the significance of seat belts, Peleskova highlights their dual function in keeping occupants securely in place during a collision. "Seat belts not only prevent ejection from the vehicle and disorientation upon impact, but they also minimize the risk of colliding with interior components, such as the steering wheel or dashboard," she explains. While acknowledging the complementary role of airbags, Peleskova emphasizes that their effectiveness heavily relies on occupants being properly restrained by seat belts.


Peleskova further emphasizes the life-saving potential of seat belts, citing research indicating a 37% to 48% reduction in the risk of fatal injury, depending on the occupant's position in the vehicle. Moreover, she notes that child restraints offer even greater protection, reducing the risk of fatal injury by up to 50%. In conclusion, Peleskova reiterates the crucial importance of seat belt usage, urging motorists to prioritize this simple yet effective safety measure to mitigate the severity of road accidents and save lives.