Poland Starting Campaign:

”Hands On Steering Wheel!”


Без имеPHOTO: POLICJA.PL22 MAR - Driving with a phone in hand significantly increases the risk of an accident. Even a few seconds of inattention can lead to many dangerous situations on the road.

These are the messages of the "Hands on the Steering Wheel" campaign in Poland aiming to change drivers' approach to using a phone while driving and thus minimize the risk of accidents caused by inappropriate use of the phone.


Police activities are carried out together with Neptis S.A. - the operator of the Yanosik application and Screen Network S.A. They complement the police action called "On the road - Look and listen", an important element of which is to draw the attention of road users to the consequences of distracted attention while using the road. During the "Hands on the steering wheel" campaign, users of the Yanosik application will receive educational materials in the form of a quiz on the consequences of drivers using a phone while driving that requires holding a handset or a microphone in their hand.


For answering the questions correctly, they will receive a Responsible Driver Certificate. In last year's edition of the campaign, 59,318 drivers took part in the quiz, of which 42,700 "passed" it correctly, and 11,256 people shared their certificate on social media. The campaign, which will run throughout March, will be supported by the broadcast of a spot on LED screens from Screen Network S.A. located throughout the country.