ROADPOL Executive Committee

The ROADPOL Executive Committee is responsible for implementing the decisions of the Council.
It comprises of the President, General Secretary and other selected members.


Elvira Zsinkai 300ROADPOL President
Elvira Zsinkai (Hungary)


I joined the police in 1998. I started my career in the public order field as a police patrol. Later on I graduated as traffic safety specialist.

During my career I worked mostly on traffic safety. I participated in VIP escorting. I was a commander of duty and I was a traffic accident investigator dealing also with fatalities and traffic crimes.

Currently I work at the Traffic Police Department on national level at the Hungarian Police. My task is professional management of regional police services giving guidelines and instructions and making controls. I am the National Contact point on traffic, but I am responsible for national accident prevention as well.

I started my activities at TISPOL (predecessor of ROADPOL) in 2016 as a member of the Operational Working Group. I was elected as Executive Committee member in 2019.

I have been elected President of ROADPOL at the network's Autumn Annual meeting in September 2022 in Madrid, Spain.

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ROADPOL Vice President
Federica Deledda (Italy)


I graduated from the Police Accademy in Rome at the age of 24 after which I was appointed as an investigator to deal with burglaries, robberies and drug dealing. I was responsible for managing the patrols with territorial control functions: the so called “Flying squad”. It was a job of great responsibility and very exciting, but the best emotions were always when I worked among the public with the neighbourhood policemen or when I went to the schools to meet the children. The greatest personal benefit of our work is the contact with people! And when you can help them and they know they can trust you.

13 years later I decided to try a new experience within the Traffic Police. A real challenge for me: so many new thing to learn! But I discovered a brand new way to help people: through prevention, awareness-raising and close monitoring we can really save people's lives. I have never felt so useful!

I am currently a Deputy Commissioner of the Italian State Police and Chief of the Traffic Police of the Province of Cremona.

I also have a degree in Law with top marks and honours, an MA in Public Communications... but the most important and beautiful things I have learned, I did on the road.

I have been a member of ROADPOL's Executive Committee since September 2021 and a Vice President since September 2022.

Also, with an extremely busy work schedule, I try to spend every bit of my spare time with my husband, my children and my dog.

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Sanja 02.02.2022 300 ROADPOL General Secretary
Sanja Veic (Croatia)


As a police officer I had a long career in Road Safety. I was working at the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia, in the General Police Directorate - Road Safety Service for more than 25 years, as independent police inspector. After high school I graduated as security engineer. My job position was on national level, so included coordination, and cooperation with all regional traffic police forces.

I was involved in Croatian negotiation process for membership in the European Union since its beginning as member of interministerial experts group dealing with implementation of EU Directives in the road transport area.

Also, I was involved in creation of the National Road Safety program of the Republic of Croatia (2011-2020), which was based on EU 4th Action Programme for the road traffic safety 2011-2020 and UN Decade of Action.

During 2004 and 2005 I was representative of Croatia at UNECE WP1 - Global Forum for Road Traffic Safety. With years of experience, in 2013 I became a member of European Commission’s expert group CARE - the European Union's road accidents database and High Level Group on Road Safety as well as ETSC PIN panellist for Croatia.

I joined TISPOL in year 2013, so I have been part of TISPOL/ROADPOL network for almost ten years. In 2019 I became a member of the Executive Council and in 2020 I was elected Vice President.

I have been elected ROADPOL General Secretary at the network's Autumn Annual meeting in September 2022 in Madrid, Spain.

Every road user should be a safe road user! I am very proud to be ROADPOL's General Secretary and I hope with the help of our members and further development of cooperation with our Road Safety partners we could achieve our mission and vision that no one should die on the roads!

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CZ Jana PeleskovaChair of ROADPOL Operational Working Group (OPG)
Jana Pelešková
(Czech Republic)


Chief Commissioner Jana Pelešková (1988) works as a police officer at the Directorate of the Traffic Police Service of the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic. Her main task is statistics and analysis of traffic crashes and international cooperation in the field of traffic police. 

Jana started working for the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic in 2006, focusing mainly on international cooperation, then also on economic activities.

She joined the Police Presidium in 2009. Of all the police activities, the traffic police is the closest to her and has been serving at the Directorate since 2016. 

Jana graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics.

She has been a member of TISPOL/ROADPOL since 2016.

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LUX AndreSchaack
Member of Executive Committee
André Schaack (Luxembourg)


1984-1988 High School Electro Technician Lycée Technique Nic Biever-Dudelange & Lycée Technique Victor Hugo Esch/Alzette

1988-1991 Military Service + National Police Academy

1992 : Gendarmerie Grand-Ducale

1996 : Special Units/National Traffic Police

2002 : Regional Directorate Grevenmacher/Traffic Police

2009 : General Operational Directorate/Traffic Safety + Traffic Legislation

2018 : National Traffic Department

Since 2022 Head of the National Traffic Department.

André Schaack (1970), since more than 25 years involved in different ways in traffic safety and traffic legislation.

From 1996 to 2009 motorcyclist/traffic police officer.

Since 2006 teacher in National Police Academy,

since 2009 member of National State Traffic Commission and

member in various national and international working groups,

since 2009 representing Police of Luxembourg in BENELUX, ROADPOL, Great Region.


Heinz Albert Stumpen 300Member of Executive Committee
Nicholas Vella (Malta)


I have joined the Malta Police Force in 2003 and as of 2022 I am a Senior Inspector within the Traffic section of the Police in Malta. Throughout my career in the Police I have worked within various departments including the International Relations Unit, Financial Crime Investigations Department, Armed Response Unit and also was in charge of one of the Police Districts in Malta.

Through my position within the Malta Police Force, I am also a member of the executive committee of the Malta Road Safety Council, a member of the Malta Traffic Management Committee, Chairman of the Disabled Blue Badge Appeals Board and also a contact person and speaker for the Police for Traffic related matters in Malta. Nonetheless I am also one of the prosecutors for Traffic related criminal cases in the Law Courts in Malta

Whilst working on a very busy schedule, I make my utmost to spend much time with my wife and 2 children, apart from two dogs and two cats, whilst giving also a share to my hobbies of motorsport and classic cars.

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Damyan Vladinov photo 1
Member of Executive Committee
Damyan Vladinov (Bulgaria)


TISPOL/ROADPOL Council member since 2008 and member of the Technology Working Group since 2012. Actively participated in a large number of road policing trainings, seminars, and joint cross-border enforcement operations. In 2021, 2022 and 2023 elected as ROADPOL Executive Committee member.

Graduated the Technical University - Sofia with a degree in Engineering, and completed a postgraduate program in“International Economic Cooperation” at the University of National and World Economy-Sofia.

Joined the Police in 1998.

Since 2004 - Head of Unit in the Traffic Police Department at the National Police General Directorate, responsible for various areas of activities of the Traffic Police: Information Systems, Specialized Exchange of Information and Cooperation with EU Structures. A specific feature of the Bulgarian Traffic Police is the wide range of activities including Road Traffic Control, Vehicle Registration, Driver’s Registering and Licensing, Road Traffic Accidents Analyses and Statistics, Prevention and their derivatives. Above listed activities are elements of the spectrum of Road Safety and his significant advantage is to be familiar with the functioning of all of these systems and their interconnections.

Since 2015 he has held his current position as Head of Section “Driving Licenses Exchange of Information”. Designated as National Contact Point as regards Directive 2006/126/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on driving licenses with responsibility for direct communication with the National Authorities of EU Member States issuing driving licenses. Awarded many times for achieving high professional results.

Since 2007 he has worked in different Road Safety expert groups formats chairing by the Directorate- General” Mobility and Transport” of the European Commission. Bulgarian representative in the High Level Group on Road Safety, organized and chaired by the European Commission with main responsibilities to participate in road safety discussions at EU level and to ensure the link between the EC and road safety institutions at national level.

In 2017 with regard to the forthcoming Bulgaria's Presidency of the Council of the EU, he successfully completed a full package of training courses “Chairing the meeting of the working groups/bodies of the Council of the EU” conducted by the Diplomatic Institute of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ENA (French National School of Administration) and European Institute of Public Administration.

In 2019 he was designated as National Project Coordinator of Component 1- “Enforcement Chain” of Road Safety Exchange Project financed by the European Parliament and under the management of the European Commission.

Married with 2 sons. Hobbies: mountaineering/hiking, skiing, cycling, listening to music, travelling.

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