Airbags To Combat Alarming

Surge In Motorcycle Deaths


GC 0PHOTO: GUARDIA CIVIL21 МАR - Stopping the surge of motorcycle deaths was a topic of the International Conference on Motorcycle Road Safety in Zaragoza.

The number of fatal crashes including motorcyclists increased 37% in the last decade.


This was highlighted by Spain's General Director of Traffic, Pere Navarro, who recalled that although this type of vehicle represents only 3% of the traffic volume, "one in four deaths from a traffic crash a motorcycle." Road education is the most important thing, he said, and he has announced that modifications will be introduced, during this term, in the regulations for obtaining a high-displacement motorcycle license. In the future it will require tests on the road, introducing the motorcycle airbag. Better equipment will also be required by law for motorcycle riders so that they are more protected, given the greater vulnerability in these two-wheeled vehicles.


Navarro also emphasized that "we have the problem on the road", with three out of every four motorcycle accidents occurring on the weekend, half of them due to going off the road and with drivers between 35 and 54 years old who have the license with an average of 10 years and high displacement vehicles. "A 200-horsepower motorcycle weighing 200 kilos is made for the circuit and on the road it has a special danger and you have to be aware of it," Navarro highlighted, pointing out the need for them to wear an integrated helmet, approved gloves and closed-toe shoes.

Pere Navarro 01Pere NavarroSuccess

The general director of traffic has valued the "great measure" of bringing a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour to urban roads and has praised the decision of the mayor of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca, to approve the use of helmets for scooters. Zaragoza is committed to being "a benchmark in terms of mobility", said the mayor of Zaragoza. "Road safety is fundamental in urban and interurban areas," Chueca added, calling for "taking measures to continue protecting the vulnerable: motorcyclists, cyclists and scooter users" and trusting that from this meeting "brave initiatives will emerge that allow us to continue advancing in new road safety measures".